Device 1 / WEATHER KIT

Weather Station with 15 sensors EXPLORE DATA BUILD KIT


This kit allows you to link a Davis Weather Station to the Internet of School Things Platform. By linking the Weather Station to the Intel Galileo you can view live weather data and compare this to historic weather events such as extreme weather patterns directly from the Internet of (School) Things Platform.

Inside this kit you will find:

  • - Intel Galileo with SD card and Wi-Fi card
  • - Power supply
  • - Micro USB male to USB female cable

In addition to this you will need:

  • - A Davies Weather Station
  • - A Davies Console PSU and power supply
  • - A Weatherlink Serial Converter and USB

Device 2 / SOIL KIT

Get to know your plants better EXPLORE DATA BUILD KIT


With the Soil Sensor kit allow you to build a sensor that can measure light, temperature and soil moisture. Students can use this kit to measure various types of soil and determine the optimal conditions to grow plants in the classroom. Measure different soil saturations and log the results in the experiment view to explore why plants thrive or perish grow.

The kit includes:

  • - Intel Galileo with SD card and Wi-Fi card
  • - Grove Shield
  • - Light sensor and Grove connector
  • - Temperature sensor and Grove connector
  • - 100K ohm resistor
  • - Base with mounting screws
  • - Nails
  • - Nail mount
  • - Wire for nails and Grove connector
  • - Electrical tape

Device 3 / ROBOTUG KIT

How far can your robot pull? EXPLORE DATA BUILD KIT


In this kit you’ll find everything you need to set up your Robotug strength-o-metre, step-by-step instructions for setting up and using your kit, guidance on using our website to collect and analyse the data from your Robotug strength-o-metre. We have also created posters to help you recruit students and record top scores, which will help you get the most out of this kit in your school. Inspire your students to design and build a robot that pulls on our RoboTug strength-o-meter, then test their skills by competing against our champion robots, each other and robots built by teams from across the UK.

The kit includes:

  • - Laser cut acrylic acrylic casing
  • - Intel Galileo with SD card and WiFi card
  • - Power source
  • - Linear potentiometer
  • - Screws and mounts
  • - Springs