Internet of (School) Things

We want to use the Internet of (School) Things to transform the way students learn about our world. We have worked with teachers and students from eight schools to design connected devices and learning materials that encourage people to explore the Internet of Things. Our learning materials have been designed to get educators using our kits to teach a broad swathe of subjects across Key Stages 2, 3 and 4.

Once our plug and play devices have been set up, students can explore their live data and conduct experiments on this website. They are also able to interact with other schools' networked devices, such as our array of Weather Stations across the UK.

Our current focus is getting feedback on how this new technology can help support the new computing curriculum and supporting the community of early adopters who are wanting to create and share learning resources.

The connected devices consist of:

- An Internet connected Intel Galileo with some sensors attached
- A website that collects and curates the data
- Session plans

This project is an extension of the DISTANCE project which was a collaborative consortium and includes the following partners: Birmingham Urban Climate Laboratory, Explorer HQ, Intel, Open University, Science Scope Ltd, Stakeholder Design, UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis and Xively.








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